The Universe Is Speaking To You

Sue Dhillon
2 min readFeb 3, 2024
In Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, Ca

It’s true. We are intertwined in a constant weave of communication between us and our natural surroundings at all times.

We just have to stop and listen. In the listening what we begin to hear is spell-binding.

The universe is always nudging us in some subtle way, but we are far too caught up most of the time to even notice.

There are signs and symbols all around us giving us precisely the guidance we need in those moments. All those questions that plague us. The concerns and doubts filled with worry are many times dispelled by messages of guidance from the universe.

Our lives are filled with ups and downs and so many unknowns to ever really truly feel a sense of complete calm, until we begin listening that is.

One blissful moment is interrupted by the next. A loved one needing something, a phone call, a task that comes top of mind in the heart of even your deepest meditation can take you away from the presence luring you back in to a state of hyper activity.

But to find true wonder and magic, to begin to hear the messages the universes is giving you takes quiet and a sound depth of awareness.

It’s something we have to evoke and will. We have to intentionally not seek the message, but seek out the silence to hear the message.