Living From Pure Heart Energy

Sue Dhillon
2 min readJan 31, 2024

Emanating love from the expanse of our heart is actually one of the easiest things we can do, but so few of us live from this space.

Pure Heart Energy

Living in openheartedness offers us magical profundity that awakens every little corridor of our heart and opens life up to incredible enormity.

It awakens us to deeper experience. It awakens us to deeper connection. (Learn more about living in a state of Wakefulness here.)

Living in this way opens us up to the overwhelming abundance that we are meant to feel and live into in this incarnation.

Sadly, so many of us live from a space of fear, lack and scarcity not ever realizing how abundant and inevitably fulfilling the universe truly is.

We are meant to loom large and dream big dreams and have a grand life full of grand experiences.

But we fall so short of the grandeur that lurks all around us. Every exchange, every encounter, every little moment has the potential to fill us to the brim when we bring total awareness to it. If we can add pure heart energy to it even better.

However we so often have moment after moment that eludes us cause we are not present to this very moment. We are off in some state of worry, hopefulness for more and miss this right here before us.